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How To Start Healthy Habits Of A Successful Musician

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Whether you are considering pursuing music as a hobby or a career, we would like to congratulate you on finally making up your mind to dedicate yourself to this beautiful form of art. Commitment, dedication, and sacrifice are critical elements of excelling in any venture, music included. This blog post will give all the handy tips, such as the choice of instrument lessons that you need to get started on your journey toward becoming a renowned musician.

The music world is plagued with stories of musicians wearing themselves thin because of unhealthy habits that are only successful in the short term. Even experienced musicians need to incorporate and maintain healthy habits into their routines. Consider some of the healthy habits highlighted below to excel in music without severely impacting your physical health, mental wellbeing, and interpersonal relationships.

Find And Join A Local Musicians/Artists’ Community

There are many benefits that you can reap by joining a community of other musicians in your area. Whether you track them down online or in-person (e.g. through voice and instrument coaching), it is advisable to have a group of people who can relate to your experiences and share in your challenges. Art, including music, is a social venture that is boosted by having a community.

Other musicians in your area will be able to share vital knowledge that could only be gained by experience, e.g. any upcoming events that you could participate in, where to get auditions for live performances, the best paying gigs in town, the most qualified and talented coaches, etc. finding a community will assist you open doors you have been passing by daily.

Plan Your Practice Sections

You have probably heard about how often you need to practice writing and performing music. Unfortunately, not enough is said about how to plan practice sessions to be at your most efficient. All individuals are different, and your practice schedule will be unique to you because it depends on various things discussed below.

1. When Does Your Inspiration Strike?

Inspiration is a critical part of creating music that expresses your talent, message, and feelings. Some musicians prefer practicing in the dark of night after processing the days’ events, while others find themselves creating at optimal levels at the crack of dawn.

Try to find out when your creative juices are flowing, and your motivation is at its peak to schedule a session then. Training schedules should not be based on motivation alone because sometimes it just isn’t there. Schedule some mandatory practice sessions that ensure you work on your craft at least once a day.

2. Work And Social Schedule

Your work and social obligations are also very significant when planning your practice schedule. Be sure to dedicate as much time as you can towards music without jeopardizing your other obligations. If you have a very tight schedule, consider carrying your instruments to have impromptu practice sessions whenever you have some free time.

Care For Your Tools of The Trade

A musician cannot perform without tools of the trade. Therefore it is imperative to find out the proper way to care for your voice and instruments of choice.

1. Train And Maintain Your Voice

Caring for your voice has a lot to do with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, e.g., not smoking and maintaining a proper diet; experienced musicians also use warm-up and cool-down techniques that they find work well when getting their voices ready for the stage or rested after a performance. If you do not know the best way to go about this, you can consider getting a voice coach who will give expert guidance on how to train and maintain your voice.

2. Take Proper Care Of Your Instruments

Instruments are very dear to musicians because of the indispensable role they play in a performance. Whichever instrument or combination of instruments you have chosen to play, learning how to maintain them is just as important as learning how to play them. Failure to take care of your instruments properly will cost you more money because they get damaged more often and affect the quality of your music because neglected instruments are often out of tune. Please read the instructions on the instrument or ask your instrument’s instructor the best way to care for them.

3. Have A Healthy Attitude Towards Constructive Criticism

Criticism is a necessary evil that all musicians have to learn to handle gracefully. Once you create your music and perform it or put it on the internet, it is only natural that people will have opinions. Whilst musicians should not pay heed to all criticism, you must distinguish which kind to ignore and which to factor into your work.

It would be best if you took any criticism from trusted sources like your coaches, mentors, family, friends, and musical community should be taken seriously. Such advice should be taken as a chance to review and improve your work before less compassionate ears judge it. Most musicians do not bother to read or review anonymous online criticisms because they are rarely offered as a way for the artist to improve their work.

Never Stop Learning

Music technology and trends are dynamic in nature and hardly remain the same for long. Even seasoned musicians need to keep updating their skill sets and talent to take advantage of the current advances. You must continue to update and hone your skills over time to become an expert and stand out amongst many talented musicians. Check out our article about how to became a musician for lots of helpful tips and great advice.

Once you have mastered a specific instrument or skill, do not feel satisfied until you find unique and diverse ways to take advantage of it. Feel free to diversify and pick up as many musical instruments and skills as you are capable of mastering.

Whether you are just beginning your musical journey or finding ways to improve your current skill set, it is best to rely on professionals like to guide you through this exciting time.

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