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Music Matters' Rock'sCool program is open to kids, teens, and adults.


Students first give their weekly availability and are then paired with other student musicians and formed into a band. The band meets one hour each week over 12 total weeks and are led by an instructor.


The price for the session is $400 for non students and $375 for current students. Price includes the concert, professionally recording of the concert uploaded to social media, practice sessions with teachers, & a Rock'Scool t-shirt!

Rock'sCool Interest Form

Guiarists/Bassists select all that apply:
Have you been in MM Rock'sCool befoe?
What days of the week work best for you?(Select all that apply)
During the week (Select all tme slots that work for you)
You will not be charged for submitting this form. This will allow us to notify you as soon as bands are about to begin. The new season will begin in August.

Your form was successfully submitted!

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